Repulse Bay Heights

The house owners have two requirements – they prefer a contemporary design and want a place for their valuable antique collection. This time, it is not about selecting the antiques for the decoration. Instead, it is the designer’s work to think about how to make the design in coherence with the precious antiques. The designer believes “less is more” since the antiques have a slender and elegant aesthetic, light color, simple pattern, and clean lines are the best picks to coordinate with and stand out the antiques.

Living Area

On the first floor, the entrance level is designed with a slick lounge and reading area that faces a large window overlooking the pool and a waterfall feature. For the upper levels, folding glass doors are installed to extend the living room out to a grassy yard. This creates an outdoor lounge area that is decorated with pretty landscaping and dramatic mood lighting in the evening. Coordinating with the surmise and sunset, the house owner would relax with the pretty garden landscape and share the joyful moment with friends in the living room.


The kitchen is no more a place to cook. The designer used the glass to replace the wall to separate the dining area and kitchen. Removing the wall, it is not only gains more space but also enables the connection of the kitchen to the dining area. Now the natural light from the dining area can reach the kitchen, which enhances the feeling of spaciousness. In addition, the glass plays an important role to prevent the smell of cooking in the dining area.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom features a suite bathroom and a walk-in closet. Golden elements such as the golden curtain, suspending lights, and bed headboard is added to bring out the grand and vintage taste.

Study Room

The wooden shelf is the sparkle of the study room. The designer designed a full wall shelving to display the house owner’s priceless antiques. The addition of stainless steel to the shelving makes the design more interesting. The spotlight at the back enriches the glamour of the antiques. Besides, using the glass wall to connect the study room to the other parts of the house would maximize the function of the display.

Swimming Pool

The outdoor swimming pool is one of the eye-catching points. The designer transformed it into an infinite shape, emphasizing it with a tailored-made feature wall and glassy stair Incorporating the light effect can deliver a romantic atmosphere.

Bringing the light into the house is the main consideration. The house has eight flights of stairs, the designer adorned with vertical slats in a mirror finish, so the light would diffuse through the space. Using a glass wall is another key to make the house more bright. The designer breaks down the kitchen’s and study room’s walls, so the light can reach different corners of the house.

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