Peak House

This is a 3,000 square feet four storey house with a garden. Completing the delicate look, the designer used glass to further maximize the  sense of spaciousness both in the living and outdoor areas, where the two spaces naturally blend into one. While the luxuries indoor space is decorated with luxury furniture, simplicity is applied to the garden design.

Living & Dinning Area

The designer used the advantage of the high ceiling incorporated with the special lighting effect to invent a harmonious environment.

Hanging in the dining room is a customized pendent light that perfectly complements the rose gold finishes around the house and its exceptionally high ceiling. Leather is a key material glamorizing the space and is shown on the wall.

Besides using the rose gold-toned steel and glass, incorporation of pieces from premium brand Fendi Casa maximizes the glamour and luxury of the house.

In addition, the designer has selected a variety of luxurious furniture from Europe to enhance the luxurious and exclusive feeling.

Since the house owner loves the plant and nature, the design team put a lot of effort into building up the garden design. In order to utilize the garden, the designer has built a modern fishing pool, different species of plants, and a barbeque area for party time. Therefore, the house owner can extend the activities from indoor to outdoor.

Study Room

Instead of using concrete walls, the study room is designed as an open office environment to enhance a spacious working area. The highlight is the book shelving constructed with rose gold-toned steel and wood to cultivate a sense of luxury and premium.

Master Bathroom

Rose gold and marble are used in the bathroom to make the design more consistent throughout the house. The dormer brings the natural light into the bathroom, which is reflected by the mirror to enhance the brightness. A tub is designed under the dormer providing a magic moment for bathing under the moon.


A delicate glass screen connects the kitchen to the dining room, the rose gold-toned steel screen mix with both clear and ribbed glass to elaborate a semi openness which brings the elegant kitchen into the dining room, while letting the natural light flow through the glass panels.

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