Pacific Horizon

A common complaint among Hong Kong’s residents is that their apartments feel cramped and lacking in natural light, however 

designers of this 1,000 square foot duplex in Tuen Mun has cleverly negated this issue. Because the property faces out towards the 

ocean, the owner wanted to incorporate a pale color palette that would enhance the sense of spaciousness while also introducing 

a modern, minimalist   European style.

Simple architectural mouldings on the ceiling and the wall further enhance the theme, while most of the furniture has been made by Primocasa. 

Bright and airy, the main living and dining room is open plan in style, featuring a pale grey canvas that sits in perfect harmony with the warm undertones of the natural wood-colored flooring.


Meanwhile, the master suite features a gentle ambience that has been enhanced thanks to the addition of wooden wall panels that form the basis of the main decoration in the room.

At the far end of the room, the folding windows are supported by a series of columns that create the illusion of a European-style balcony, encouraging the cool sea breeze to breathe throughout the space.

Soft lighting accompanied by an upholstered cloth headboard combined together to create a simple, comfortable feeling. And the door to the en suite bathroom has been made from glass yam, allowing the natural light to reach into the farthest corners. The end result feels almost like a resort.

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