Hong Villa

This project is a two-story house, 3,200 sq. ft., located in Mid-levels, Hong Kong. To create a duplex apartment, the designer purposely conjured a sense of tranquility throughout the design. The result is a sophisticated modern but luxurious residence, designed with a balance of aesthetics and functionality.


Living Area

Natural, cozy, bespoke, intimate, and innovative, the space and its furnishings within were designed to reflect a sense of relaxed luxury desired by the fashionably, aesthetically home in Hong Kong after travels around the world.

Entrance Area

The entry foyer with a vertical strip screen in a curved shape symbolizes a bamboo feature with a designed armchair – simplicity done with quiet taste.

Dining Area

The design approaches embrace the project’s unusual geometry with a natural raw solid wood dining table and a feature upholstered striped panel for the backrest.

Open Bar

Inspired by The New England style open bar with engraved metal finishes for the drawing with bespoke handle, semi-circular banquettes seating is arranged along the breakfast area, with ribbed fabric details at the back cushion and velvet upholstery on the seat cushion.

Master bedroom

The master suite bedside light fixture reflects a round circular shape with vertical strips upholstered headboard, the settings interpreted by our studio into illuminated luxurious class with leather panels on both sides of the headboard. Flanking each side of the custom- design master bed.

Master Bathroom

Sliding open doors, one enters into the grander master bathroom, with a free-standing soaking tub taking center stage against a marble looked tiles.

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