Clovelly Court

This is a 3,000 square feet apartment for a young couple, applied to the contemporary, but luxurious style, which is defined by lighting effects, grey-and-taupe color palette, quality, and use of materials to deliver the luxury of the new home.


Designer made the entire area as open and clean as possible, a single continuous ceiling has been employed to tie the living and dining area together, giving it a sense of consistency. In addition, the floor was built with a herringbone pattern with an oak wood veneer that extends the space.

For the living area, the designer wanted to make it homier and family-friendly, hence he used lighting effects, a grey-and-taupe color palette like beige, taupe, greys, and greige colors to incorporate leather elements into the design.


The brightness and grey-and-taupe color palette continued into the master bedroom, false ceiling and lighting effects make the bedroom visually appear more luxurious and spacious. Leslie incorporated leather elements into the design to show cool, nature and generated a grand and cozy atmosphere in the master bedroom.


For the dining area, Leslie used the continuous ceiling and floor pattern from living to dining area to extend the space, he also used a crystal light to emphasize the lighting effect surrounding that area to cultivate a grand and exclusive feeling.


Applied stainless steel and glass into the study room which not  only creates the desired modern feel, but also reflects brighter in the study area.

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