A 3,250 sq.ft. unit located in the high Bel Air, overlooking glittering Waterfall Bay thus designer infused the home with a sense of tranquility by selecting a color palette of blue and white to match with the scenery – green sea and blue sky. Gold accents add a touch of elegance. 


Living and dining area

The living and dining area is the heart of the home, features an elegant curved design and plush, blue velvet fabric sofa by Fendi, its unique shape and low armrest design let the owners can comfortably sit on the sofa and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Indeed, the stunning view deserves plenty of attention, which the apartment encourages with floor-to-ceiling windows spanning the entirety of the living and dining area to enjoy 180 degree sea view and the romantic sunset. Numerous mirrored walls and pillars is allowed to reflect the view too.

Snowflake white marble tile connecting the whole living and dining area, it is really big and the unique white marble with grey veins make the area feeling natural, clean, and the textured body with a very light occasional trace of light grey is more attractive, elegant and luxe.

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