Bel Air Penthouse

Perched on the top of an elegant Bel Air penthouse where can enjoy a stunning sea view and overlooking glittering Waterfall Bay. Design director Leslie infused the home with a sense of tranquility by selecting a color palette of blue and white to match with the scenery. First of all, designer used floor-to-ceiling windows to allow natural sunshine come into home, which is an eco-way to brightening home as well as enhance spaces, further, the luxurious statuary white marble floor also helps to connecting the upper and the lower levels and enhances the sense of space.


Since the layout is wide and long, and the designer decided to take the advantage of the height of the ceiling which is 4.2 meters, he used ceilings design, ceiling light trough, and gold-steel lines to decorate the room and enhance a higher ceiling views. At the same time, it can be distinguished between living and dining areas.

These two area is paved with premium white marble flooring and a royal blue leather feature wall in the living area, lined with champagne and black accents adds an elegant splash of color. Besides, there are a feature TV screen to separate these two areas but can casually walk through these areas.

In the living area, the royal blue leather feature wall is pretty matched with the navy blue Fendi carpet as well as a beautiful Bentley couch, it makes a difference with living and dining areas. Furthermore, adding some gold steel lines creates noble and elegant effect.


A snowflake white marble spiral staircase connecting two stories spaces and there are using white marble flooring in the upper level corridor, but used wooden floors in the master bedroom for enhancing the warmth.

Dining, study and garden

Standing in the middle of the living and dining hallway, looking at the dining and the study area, you will find there are two wooden display shelves in the back and between the garden. The garden wall was designed in white wood, closely linked to the interior design style, as well as planting some green and colorful plants, it helps to make the garden like a natural painting from the house viewing.

Master bedroom

The owners want to design the bedroom feel like the presidential suite of a hotel, so the design team added a plush blue feature wall and an elegant seat in the room as well as the ceiling light helps to make more attractive, elegant and luxe atmosphere.

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